Hello, I'm just starting to learn animating in Spine. I was following this course on Udemy:

And I got stuck because of this problem: at some point, arms of the character I was animating, started spinning in different direction than expected - instead of rotating on the shortest distance, it would make a big, quick spin in the opposite direction.
Here is the video showing it: https://imgur.com/Va7QvEc
It also happened on a new bone I created next to the character - instead of rotating short distance clockwise, it did this: https://imgur.com/TH3LMcK

I tried repeating the entire process of rigging a character and animating it a few times, and got stuck each time with the arms, and with single bones as well. But legs were working just fine, I'm able to animate them without any problem.

I'm using this version of the program (Trial version):
Spine version: 4.0.10-beta TRL, launcher 4.0.08

I would appreciate any help with what might be causing the problem, because I can't find any solution :(
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It's hard to see what is going on since the movement is so fast. Try holding shift when scrubbing the timeline so you can see the interpolation between frames. Since you are using v4 you can open the graph view and see what is happening with the rotation values.

Can you post your project here or email to us? contact@esotericsoftware.com It may be interesting to see how you got the project into that state.

In v4 the rotation does not use the shortest way around, instead you can key the rotation to be any specific value. For example, you can key from 0 to 720 and it will spin in two complete circles. This is relatively new though, so we'd like to investigate why it happened to you in case we can make improvements.


We've reproduced the problem and will have a fix in a future v4-beta version. It'll be relatively soon but first we are finishing up 4.0.11-beta which has some great new stuff for the graph.
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