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Let me quickly bring you up to speed on my issue..

I'm using Gamemaker Studio 2. I've been using v2.1.5 from mid-2018 due to a bug that affected my project. Until recently it was fixed in v2.2.4 and I upgraded. All this while, I have been using an extension that allowed skeleton animations made from Spriter to work inside Gamemaker (extension made by Nux). But after the upgrade to v2.2.4, the extension broke. I contacted the author and he told me he won't be working on it anymore (at least for a long while).

I rolled back to v2.1.5.

Bought Spine (v3.8.75).

Painstakingly rerigged + reanimated everything from Spriter into Spine.

Exported the data and it does not work in Gamemaker..

I asked the Gamemaker Forums community on the stable version that worked in v2.1.5 and it was Spine v3.4.02..

Downgraded Spine to v3.4.02 but I can't open my Spine project anymore..

Please tell I don't have to rerig + reanimate everything again now in Spine v3.4.02, please... Any help? :'(

I've tried the JsonRollback tool as mentioned here: http://esotericsoftware.com/forum/Open-project-in-an-older-version-11458. I was given only two options to rollback to 2.1 or 3.7 and I went with 2.1. Downgraded Spine to v2.1.27. Imported the data but it doesn't open.

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Ah sorry, to late to reply. We'll get in contact with Yoyo Games so they better communicate version requirements. We'll also try to improve our documentation so you new users of Spine don't run into this issue.
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