I'm evaluating buying an old game and Spine to go with it. I'm trying to import an animation that was exported as JSON, atlas, and PNG. Some of the spine files I can import (although the images are missing, but I can fix that) - but some of the animations Spine just plain refuses to import.

Are they lost forever?

(Using macOS Catalina 10.15.7)
ERROR: Error importing skeleton:
JSON version: 3.1.02
Spine version: 4.0.10-beta
[error] Error reading file: /Users/asd/Development/Games/asd/asd.json
at s.sDm._(_:143)
at s.iVv._(_:313)
at s.iVv.C(_:279)
at s.Jpy._(_:1014)
at s.iVv.Z(_:273)
at s.zNs.C(_:379)
at s.VVG._(_:93)
at s.DtJ._(_:28)
at s.oav._(_:188)
at s.oav._(_:158)
at com.badlogic.gdx.scenes.scene2d.ui.Button.C(_:125)
at s.uVP._(_:93)
at s.SkG._(_:89)
at s.Soq._(_:71)
at s.TsA.C(_:355)
at s.cOn.C(_:124)
at s.DWI.C(_:91)
at s.qCE._(_:87)
at s.zna._(_:135)
at s.Jyr.C(_:230)
at s.DFi.C(_:138)
Cause: s.imY: Error reading attachment: body, skin: default
at s.wOW._(_:291)
at s.sDm._(_:135) ...
Cause: [arg] No enum constant s.Gzt.weightedmesh
at java.lang.Enum.valueOf(Unknown Source)
at s.Gzt.valueOf(_:32)
at s.wOW._(_:349)
at s.wOW._(_:288) ...
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try import Json first in spinev 3.2 -> then export Json, then import new Json to 3.7 and export to Json, then try to import to 4.0
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You should run the version the JSON was exported with, 3.1.02, do Import Data to bring it into Spine, then save the Spine project. You can then open the Spine project with any newer version of Spine.
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Ok, thanks!
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