Hello there!

I've made a quick search and didn't find anything obvious related to my topic. But surely someone must have suggested this before (?)

Well, it's just that: I'd like to duplicate Hierarchy folders and its contents, but with a twist... maintaining sub-item names as they are in the source folder.

That is, I'd like to get something like this...:

...instead of this...:

I think it would be useful, like in my example, to duplicate a skins folder and then do a search and replace in every skin, to change the eyebrow type, without first needing to rename all of them.

Not a big deal ofc, just a little time saver, but if you could consider it that would be nice. :p


Edit: thinking about this a bit more, I know it's a bit weird, but it's because I use a lot of master meshes that cover many different images. And I also export many attachments at canvas size, so the size and mesh is common. It's really useful, but I know not everybody has a NASA computer like me, lol.
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Nice idea!
I've opened an issue for it here: Duplicate folders · #569 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor
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