Hi! I have a bug and don't know how to fix it.

Using: Unity 2019.2.15f + Spine runtime 3.8 + latest version of LWRP Spine shaders

When I open exapmle scene from LWRP shaders, and trying to change Sprite shader settings, I get following error:

Every other LWRP shader is working.

I tried with Spine 3.9b.
Tried different Unity versions.

The error is the same.

If I create new project and add shaders, I get same error.

Could anyone help with that?
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We are very sorry for the troubles! Thanks for reporting, this is actually a bug.

I have created an issue ticket here: [unity] Error when querying outline properties at LWRP shaders · #1565
We will release a bugfix ASAP, I will get back to you later today when the updated packages have been uploaded.

Thanks again.


The issue has just been fixed, new unitypackages can be downloaded here as usual:
Spine Unity Download
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