Is there any way to use two Spine Runtimes into the same Unity Project?
We have a production game using Spine 3.7, but we want to use the new 3.8 version for new characters DLCs, without having to re-export all the older Skeletons.

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Unfortunately having different runtime versions in a single project is not possible [*].
I fear if you want to use spine-unity runtime version 3.8, you have to reexport your assets from Spine 3.8.

I assume you already know, but just in case:
You can use batch-export to re-export all your skeletons quickly via the command line interface:
Export - Spine User Guide: Command line


[*] It is theoretically possible, but would involve a lot of programming effort on your side. I once posted the necessary steps at a blog post for the sake of completeness here:
Two Spine runtimes in the same Unity project?
In short: please do not attempt to mix runtime versions.
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