Hello again. We've stumbled upon a problem we're unable to solve by ourself, and we're not even sure if its a bug or not.
We have several animations on our character that works flawlessly, but on one of our animations we have a path constraint that have some orbs that circle our character.

This animations works fine inside Spine, but in runtime it doesnt work properly. The objects thats supposed to move around the path spawns, but they are kinda "stuck". They are supposed to go from position 0 to 100 during the animation, but they are stuck at 0. Do we need to make a blueprint to toggle the path or what are we missing?

We're not very experienced with UE4 BP's yet, so a detailed explanation would be very appreciated.

In advance, thank you.
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Other than setting the animation, there's nothing else you need to do for paths to work. Could you send us your Spine project file so we can investigate?
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