Hi, last week I was writing a tool for our team to more easily manage a set of projects by wrapping some command line instructions in a simple WPF application. We make heavy use of bones that only exist in skins, with no attachments, and these appear not to export correctly via the command line. When exported to JSON via the editor, skin-bones correctly have "skin":true set, whereas when exported via the command line, they do not. This meant when we imported the files for use in the Unity runtime, the bones were not toggled by activating their corresponding skin.

Steps to reproduce:

- Download and extract
- Open SpineCommandLine.spine in the Spine editor and export to a json file.
- Open command prompt and enter -i path/to/spine/project.spine -o path/to/outputDir -e path/to/exportSettings.json
- Open both exported files and compare how, in the editor-exported file, the bone 'Skinned' has "skin":true set, whereas in the command line exported file, it does not.

- Spine 3.8.75
- export.json was created by saving the settings used to successfully export from the editor. It is possible this file is missing another setting that would add the skin fields, but if so, this doesn't appear to be documented.

If I am missing a setting please let me know. I was pushed for time to get something working last week, so thankfully was able to correct the exported files with some elaborate regex, but that was only possible because of some strict naming conventions we have for skin-only bones. May I also suggest in the documentation changing path/to/export.json to something like exportSettings.json ? It was not immediately apparent that this should be the settings to use when exporting, rather than the path to the exported skeleton itself.

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Hello, thanks for providing all the needed material! I was able to reproduce the issue, and I've added it to our tracker here: CLI export differs from editor export when exporting skin bones · #504 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor
You can follow it if yo want to be notified of when it will be fixed, we'll try to do so as soon as possible!
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Brilliant! Thanks very much :)
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