Unity. Texture(texure(png)) is 1024x1024. Original sprites was prepared for 2048x2048 textures in Photoshop. I asked creator to make 2 exports:
1. "x1.0" 2048x2048
2. "x0.50" fault. 2 texture of 1024x1024, I forget about paddings, it is my fault)

After I asked creator to make export with "x0.49"

3. "x0.49" 1024x1024 is one texture 1024x1024, and problem with it.

Same export("x0.49" with one texture 1024x1024) in Cocos2d-x is OK! Don't have this ugly effect.


I forgot to change Subject. It's not about compression, it's about bad scalling quality.
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This does look like compression artifacts, so the title is suitable.

Could you please post some screenshots of your Texture import settings in Unity of both Textures (the problematic texture and the identical copy)?
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