I just added a new set of attachments to the skeleton for my game's protagonist.
The new attachments are a different perspective on the character, so I can improve animation quality.

Thing is, there's quite a few attachments to replace, and doing it manually every time I switch perspective is going to take quite a bit of time.

So I was hoping I could just switch between entire sets during the animation, but skins don't seem to work that way.

Is there a way to make them work that way? Or another way to replace multiple attachments at once?

I'm on Essential and locked into 3.6.53 because GMS2 doesn't support anything newer.
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I suggest to create one or more animations to serve as library where you activate and deactivate the assets at once, so that on need you can just copy and then paste the correct configuration. Works wonders for me! here's 3 examples (they were made in Spine Professional, but the gist is the same):

You can also find all streams and downloads neatly arranged with chapters here: Spine: Twitch
(this year's streams are also cut!)
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