A freelancer made a few animations in Spine for my game and I've added them to my game using the tutorials you provide in YouTube. The animations run smoothly on UnityEditor and on the Android builds

but when I create the build and put it online on WebGL the FPS drops dramatically

I've tried everything but I still can't make the WebGL build to run as the editor. Here's the options of the animation:

Any clues of what I need to change in the settings to make it work on WebGL as well?

Thanks in advance
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Could you please post some screenshots of stats of your skeleton, such as the number of vertices (via Game Window - Stats) and the data shown in Data Counts when you open the Skeleton Debug window via the gear icon at the top right of your SkeletonAnimation component in the Inspector, choosing Open Skeleton Debug Window.

Are you using clipping meshes in the skeleton?
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