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I am new to everything but coding :)

Is it possible to change the character cloths are runtime in unity, e.g. wearing T-shirt instead of pajama, and how to do that?

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Of course it is possible.

If you need to combine e.g. trousers and shirts separately, the best way is using the new Skin-API and create what is called a Skin in Spine terminology for each cloth item, and then combine them at runtime:
Blog: Spine 3.8 released: Improved skin API
spine-unity Runtime Documentation: Setting Skins

In general, please be sure to familiarize with the Spine basics first before jumping into a project without knowing the tools available: Spine: Documentation: Spine Documentation

Here you can find the complete spine-unity runtime documentation pages:
spine-unity Runtime Documentation: spine unity Runtime Documentation
Here you can find the complete runtime-independent API reference:
API Reference - Spine Runtimes Guide
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