when i try to compare skeletonDataAssets (one on a SkeletonAnimation, the others as references in class), some unexpected behaviour happens.
i also tried to compare the names which each other, which also led to some unexpected behaviour.
can someone tell my what i am doing wrong here, or how this should be done instead.
I attached my codefile. the function in question is the switchSalsaComponent at the bottom, but i also do the comparision at setMouthSkin, where it seems to work fine. (i checked the references multiple times, they are set correctly in the inspector)
(atm i compare the names of the object, before that, i tried comparing them by itself)



ok found my mistake, with the strings, sry for that, the problem with the object comparison still remains.
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Direct comparison of Unity Asset references might lead to problems as I remember a case where Unity might reload an asset and then provide you with a different reference value. Comparing names or any other unique property should be more reliable.
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