It's me again bothering you with constrains and skin
So here's the thing : when setting up a skin, for some elements, such as an imagine in a skin placeholder, you can setup specific parameters that are specific to the skin, i.e. the color and the position.

The same goes with Points, that can have a skinned position.
BTW I though at first that you would use this to move elements around with skins (e.g. bones or image slots) but points can not have any bone as a child.

For other elements, such as bones or constrains, the use is a bit different, since the skin can only activate/deactivate them when there are associated with a skin.

So here's my question: Is it possible to reconsider the fact that a constrain can not only be deactivated, but instead, its parameters saved in the skin. This way I would only create a constrain once, and just change their parameters for each skin.
Maybe another kind of constrain, or a skin constrain placeholder...

Anyway, this is just a thought, since I am trying to figure out how can skinning be easier.
I'd like to have you point of view.

Thanks for reading :)
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Points were originally intended as a way to mark emitters position and orientation for vfx generation at runtime.

We have discussed your suggestion, unfortunately, having constraint settings per skin would add quite a bit of complexity, we believe there may be better ways to do it.

We already plan to allow duplicating constraints: Duplicate constraints · #183 · EsotericSoftware/spine-editor
And if the list becomes too long, don't forget you can check this setting in the tree to hide the ones not active in the current skin:
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