So I'm building a character creator currently and I've ran into an issue regarding changing material properties per instance.

Trying to allow options like changing the skin tint, normal intensity, and so on.

I was looking up how to do it and found a few examples like this thread here

However its been some time since this and I was curious if the process to do this has changed.

I know spine now supports more complicated skin / unique skin skeleton setups. And since I'm trying to make my games characters all share the same baseSkeleton, using a base skin for male/female.

And then hopefully taking advantage of the unique skin skeletons for outfits on top.

I was worried what kind of gatchas I may run into using this method.

Sorry bothering you all again with my questions.
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There is a documentation section about material properties per instance here:
spine-unity Runtime Documentation: Changing Materials Per Instance

These methods are still up-to-date, switching and combining skins is an orthogonal task to setting material shader parameters as you have mentioned above.
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