Welcome Screen

The welcome view provides an overview on start-up for all the latest Spine news and projects.

welcome screen

Open and close the welcome screen at any time via the mail icon in Spine's title bar.

mail icon

Press the escape key or click the grey X in the upper right to close the welcome screen and load the last opened project.

It is possible to disable the welcome screen at start-up in the Spine settings.


New Project and Open Project respectively create a new project or open an existing one.

Recent displays all the recent and favorite project files and folders. Clicking on a name will open the file or folder, right-clicking it will remove the item from the list. Clicking on the star next to the item name will save it as a favorite and stick the item to the top of the list. The plus icon in the upper-right corner opens the folder browser. A filter on the bottom allows to type to search a project or folder name in the list.

Examples shows the list of Spine example projects. Click one to open the project or go to the example page that describes how it was built in detail.


The News section shows the latest blog posts and other news. Clicking on a news item will open the relative blog post.


The Tips section displays a different tip each time Spine is launched. Tips can be navigated by hovering the tip image, then clicking on the arrows. Clicking on a tip will open a link to the chosen tip from the tips page for easy sharing.


The Learn section provides quick access to the user guide, forums, and other learning materials similarly to Spine academy.


The Changelog section displays the most recent fixes, changes, and additions to the latest Spine version. The complete list of all changes can be found on the Changelog page.

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