Trial Download

Explore Spine firsthand by downloading the Spine trial, free for Windows, Mac and Linux. All Spine Professional features are available in the trial except saving projects, texture packing, and exporting animation data, images and video.

The trial comes with many example projects that include exported JSON animation data and texture atlases. These can be used to evaluate how the Spine Runtimes work with your game toolkit before purchasing.

To download Spine, choose the closest server and your operating system:

Windows64-bit: Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11  MacApple Silicon 11.1+  MacIntel 10.12+  Linux64-bit

Note: The full version of Spine is downloaded from your personal Spine license page, received after purchase.

Purchase Spine

Support Spine development by purchasing Spine and enable save, export and use of the Spine Runtimes.